The Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation (MCR) was established and launched by the Ministry of Welfare Services (now known as Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development) under the chairmanship of the Honourable Minister for Welfare Services on 17th November 1973. The meeting was attended by over 70 representatives from 17 national non-governmental bodies, 11 governmental departments and other organisations.

At present, MCR is affiliated to Rehabilitation International, Asia & Pacific Disability Forum (APDF, formerly known as Regional NGO Network), International Abilympics Federation, VSA (Very Special Arts) and International Council on Social Welfare.

The vision of The Council is a society wherein there is “Full Participation and Equal Opportunities” for the disabled as they live and work side by side with the general population and have access to all amenities and facilities in the community.

The mission of The Council is to provide support and collaborative efforts in fostering the implementation of services for the disabled which will equip them with appropriate skills through rehabilitation, education and vocational training programmes.

The objectives include the following:

  1. To support policies, projects and activities that will help to bring about “Full Participation and Equal Opportunities” for the disabled.
  2. To collaborate with state, national and international bodies in developing and promoting meaningful habilitation and rehabilitation services for the disabled.
  3. To promote and carry out research and development activities concerning disability issues and challenges that will lead to knowledge enhancement, capacity-building and empowerment of the disabled through education and capacity-building programmes.
  4. To support and promote early intervention programmes that will equip the disabled with basic living techniques and compensatory skills, provide parents with knowledge and skills in the counseling and foster the development of self-reliance among the disabled.
  5. To support and promote the Abilympics and Very Special Arts of the disabled with the aim of enabling them to develop various skills and abilities so that they will be able to integrate with and contribute to society more effectively.
  6. To support and promote the development of strategies and programmes with the aim of creating and sustaining employment opportunities for the disabled in sheltered employment, self-employment and open employment.
  7. To organise the national rehabilitation conference once in every two years or biennially in order to bring about the sharing of knowledge and expertise and to update information concerning developments in rehabilitation programmes for the disabled.
  8. To organise fund-raising activities and seek financial support from the public and private sectors.
  9. To affiliate with state, national and international organisations which have similar aims.