Year 2014

Painting and Silk Painting Competition for Abilympics Competition of Selangor & FT State Level
Date : 26th April 2014
Menara Maybank, Kuala Lumpur

This competition is to select state level representatives to national Abilympics competition, which will be held in November 2014. The national level winner then will represent Malaysia to the international competition which will be in France in year 2016.

The Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation has been working closely with Malayan Banking Berhad since year 2012 through Nukilan Jiwaku, an art exhibition for the disabled. The competition is a continuous activity for the project.

This competition has achieved the following objectives :-

  1. The promote that art has an economic value which will enable the disabled to become economic self-reliant.
  1. To enhance corporate sector in understanding on the vocational abilities of persons with disabilities and their participation in socio-economic activities.

The participantion is as follows :-

No. Competition Competition Theme Categories of Disabilities (Participant) Total MainTotal
 1. Painting Forest Inhabitants Learning disabilities 6 13
Hearing impairment 5
Physical impairment 2
 2. Silk Painting Coral reef Learning disabilities 1 10
Hearing impairment 2
Physical impairment 7
Total No. of Participant 23

What was done in the activity?


  1. Theme : Forest Inhabitants (Isi Rimba)
  2. The painting must be oil-based.
  3. Contestants are allow using resources related to the theme but may not copy works of other contestants or produce works with the help of others.
  4. Contestants are permitted to refer to photographs if needed, but the photographs must be prepared by the contestants.
  5. Duration of competition : 4 hours
  6. Evaluation criteria
No  Main Items to be Evaluated Marks
1 Thematic expression & Completion 60
2 Structural & Sketching Skills 20
3 Color expression and Description skills 20
Total 100

Silk Painting

i.          The theme is Coral Reef (Terumbu Batu Karang).
ii.         Contestants freely design on the provided silk scarf using various techniques.

– Contestants can use silk painting techniques that use water, salt, alcohol and gutta. (Use other techniques with gutta technique)

– The design is freely expressed when divided into a border & theme. The margin of the theme is colored. The width of the border is 7cm and may be designed after drawing the gutta lines.The outlining of the scarf has to be drawn in gutta technique according and contestant has to ensure the dye does not spread or stain the area beyond the gutta line.

– Contestants have to draw a sketch with a pencil, and then trace the rough sketch on silk using a disappearing pen or draw directly on silk using gutta technique, and then color.

iii.        Duration of competition : 6 Hours
iv.        Evaluation Criteria

 No Main Items to be Evaluated Marks
1 Originality & Composition ability of Design 30
2 Coloring skills & Arrangement of colors 25
3 Evenness of gutta line 15
4 Command of Suitable techniques 15
5 Completeness 15
Total 100

The judges also have been by appointed by Malayan Banking Berhad to identify the potential candidates for the incoming 3rd Nukilan Jiwaku project. These identified candidates will be giving the art lessons and guidance by Dr Sabzali Musa Kahn (an art lecturer from University of Malaya) and in the programme, the artwork produced by the identified artists will be exhibit and sold in November 2014.

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