Year 2013


State Abilympics Committee Meeting held on 5th April 2013 highlighted that 6 skills from 22 skills category identified earlier has been dropped and the following are the skills category which will be participated by Malaysia representatives in the 9th International Abilympics :

No. Skills Category
1. V1. Cake Decoration
2. V3. Cooking
3. V14. Silk Hand Painting
4. L2. Painting
5. V2. Computer Assembly
6. V4. Creating Web Pages
7. V5. Desktop Publishing
8. V10. Word Processing
9. V11. Data Processing
10. V7. Photography – Indoor
11. V8. Photography – Outdoor
12. V6. Dressmaking – Advanced
13. V9. Tailoring
14. V12. Dressmaking – Basic
15. L1. Embroidery
16. V13. Floral Arrangement

Eventhough the listed skills still not being endorse by the host country yet, the selected skills has been in the contest list since Abilympics competition inception. There will a higher probability that the selected will still be listed for the next international competition. 

Incheon Strategy 2013 – 2022: A New Decade For Persons With Disabilities In Malaysia Conference

A “High-level Intergovernmental Meeting on the Final Review of the Implementation of the Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons 2003 – 2012” was held on 29th October to 2nd November 2012, at Incheon, South Korea, in which the new decade Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities 2013 – 2022 been launched in the meeting. 

Incheon Strategy to “Make the Right Real” for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific” which served as key indicators in realising this new decade whilst ensuring a disability-inclusive post 2015 development agenda also been launched.

The strategy highlighted 10 goals to be achieved as follows :

  1. Reduce poverty and enhance work and employment prospects.
  2. Promote participation in political processes and in decision-making.
  3. Enhance access to the physical environment, public transportation, knowledge, information and communication.
  4. Strengthen social protection.
  5. Expand early intervention and education of children with disabilities.
  6. Ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  7. Ensure disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction and management.
  8. Improve the reliability and comparability disability data.
  9. Accelerate the ratification and implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and harmonization on national legislation with the Convention.
  10. Advance subregional, regional and interregional cooperation.

In realising the strategy, it is necessary for the all parties served the PWDs know about the strategies as it will enable them to work together in achieving the goals in Malaysia, and MCR took initiative to organise national conference to disseminate this strategy to all parties involved in the development of PWDs in Malaysia.

The conference was organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Department of Social Welfare and National Council for Persons with Disabilities, on 1st to 2nd July 2013, at Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

The theme of the conference is ‘Make the Right Real’. The objective of this conference is to disseminate the Incheon Strategy to all parties, especially those involved in the PWDs development in Malaysia and to make recommendations to the government on implementing the strategies.

The resolution of the Conference has been presented to the YB Minister of Women, Family and Community Development of Malaysia.

 The Resolution of the Conference on the “Incheon Strategy 2013 -2022: A New Decade for Persons with Disabilities in Malaysia on  1st – 2nd July 2013, at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia We, the delegates of the Conference declare our collective statements as follows;

  1. Recognize the Government’s commitment via their presence in this Conference.
  1. Support the Malaysian Government on the endorsement of the Ministerial Declaration on the Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities, 2013-2022, and the Incheon Strategy to “Make the Right Real” for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific as it provides the Asian and Pacific region, and the world, with the first set of regionally agreed disability-inclusive development goals.
  1. Believe the Incheon Strategy will enable Malaysia, as part of the Asian and Pacific region, to track progress towards improving the quality of life, and the fulfillment of the rights, of Malaysia’s persons with disabilities.
  1. Believe the Incheon Strategy comprising of 10 goals, 27 targets and 62 indicators which is built on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Biwako Millennium Framework for Action and the Biwako Plus Five, will move us towards an Inclusive, Barrier-Free and Rights-Based Society for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific.

The Incheon Strategy goals and targets are time-bound. To facilitate the achievement of the goals and targets in the new Decade, 2013-2022, the Government will need to put in concerted and coordinated efforts and we recommend the following:

  • More awareness programs on minimum wage.
  • The government has to ensure elements of security and working conditions for PWDs to be implemented.
  • Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) to relook at systems/mechanisms in place to enable all PWDs to exercise their rights as a citizen.
  • SPR to redesign Form A to capture PWD’s registration to vote.
  • SPR to work with Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs), Self Help Groups (SHGs) and NGOs to address the PWDs needs during election.
  • Highlight the importance of pressure groups for advocacy.
  • Recommend the Government to commit to have in place an effective accessible national transport policy with involvement of PWDs.
  • Ensure productive welfare approach to be effectively implemented.
  • Government agencies to work together with NGOs to strengthen all efforts focusing on both availability and accessibility of social protection.
  • Strengthen early detection network within relevant agencies (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Heath, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development).
  • Enhance access to early intervention services.
  • Enhance service quality and effectiveness.
  • Captured data immediately upon diagnosis in Ministry of Health to be shared with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
  • Ensure enrolment of 75% of children with disabilities into inclusive school setting by 2025.
  • Advocate education opportunities for women with disabilities.
  • Advocate equal opportunities for women with disabilities in employment.
  • Ensure health care professionals are equipped with the knowledge on the needs of disabled women’s diseases and medical needs.
  • Educate families and societies on violence against disabled women.
  • To educate related authorities to incorporate skills and knowledge in handling PWDs in rescue and emergency situations.
  • To establish a monitoring system to ensure building by-laws are adhered to.
  • To allocate resources to equip PWDs in disaster preparedness.
  • The Government to consider the suggestion to make the registration of PWDs mandatory.
  • To establish a task force for strengthening and reviewing:
  1. Existing law related to Disability/PWDs.
  2. Federal Constitution (Article 8) to include no discrimination to PWDs.
  • To establish Disability Right Tribunal at National/Local level.
  • To set-up information centre to collect and promote disability right to the community.
  • To strengthen enforcement on existing law.

To continue giving cooperation at sub-regional, regional and interregional levels, for facilitating mutual support including through sharing lessons learned, good practices and innovative solutions.

The NGOs will work together with the government to come up with a Malaysian Report on the progress of the Incheon Strategy.

Following up on the conference on the Incheon Strategy, subcommittees have been setting up to look into the implementation of the goals of the Incheon Strategy. The meetings to discuss the short and long term plan for each goal have been held and the Committee will develop a short and long term plan of action.

Accessibility and Transportation Committee

  1. Mr Anthony Arokia has been invited by Hotel Everly in Putrajaya to conduct access audit for hotel. This hotel is near a lake and it uses only glass partitions. However, it is very accessible to the disabled who want to do shopping there. Moreover, eight rooms will be allocated for access to the disabled.
  2. En. Anthony and En. Miskan had been appointed as Access Auditors by DBKL for a two-year period.

Disability Issues Committee
Malaysia Ministry of Health in collaboration with MCR developed Disability Awareness Training (DAT) Manual for Health Personnel at Primer Level manual as guidance for health personnel at primer level to deliver their services to PWDs patient. The professionals from Malaysia Ministry of Health, MCR and other NGOs worked together in preparing the manual.

The workshop has been held on 17th – 19th September 2013 at Puteri Garden Hotel, Klang, Selangor.

VSA Committee

MCR has supported the Maybank to organised the second Projek Nukilan Jiwaku art exhibition and sales to showcase the disabled artworks.

This project is one of the Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) corporate social responsibility efforts to empower the vulnerable group and it was organised in collaboration with MCR. The objectives of the project is :-

  1. To empower the disabled to be able to support themselves.
  2. To provide art skills training to disabled.
  3. To promote the disabled’s talent on art and to recognise their artworks.

The success of the pilot project in 2012 has encouraged the Maybank to organise a second project, which emphasising on participation and the role of parents to work together on the project.

This project involves: –

i. Art Exhibition
– An Exhibition of artworks produced by disabled artists was held from 16th to 20th December 2013 (later extended to 31 December at the request of the Chairman of Maybank) at Menara Maybank, Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 24 artists with disabilities (composed of hearing impairment, learning difficulties and physical disability) took part in the exhibition.

ii. Art workshop
– The workshop was held on 30th November 2013, at Menara Maybank, Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur. 16 persons (disabled artists and others) participated in the workshop, in which the content of the workshop is a practical demonstration of dyeing textile technique known ‘shibori’ and as well as painting techniques lecture.

iii. Crafts Sales
– The sale of handicrafts was held from 16th to 20th December 2013 at Menara Maybank, Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur. Disabled voluntary welfare organisations participating are Malaysian Mental Health Association, Workshop on Advanced Protection Ipoh spirit and the Malaysian Association for the Blind.

CBR Committee

The Bengkel Merangka Dasar Piawaian Amalan Program PDK workshop was held on 11th to 13th March 2013 at Bandar Baru Sentul, Kuala Lumpur to develop standard guidelines to enhancing the services delivered by the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) center in Malaysia on caring for children with disabilities and the integration of children with disabilities in schools. The second workshop has been held on 22nd November 2013, and the outcome has been submitted to the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia.

Report From Affiliated Member Organisations

Bil. Activity/Programme Date & Venue Short Description(Objective, target group, achievement etc.)
1. Spastic Children’s Asso. of Penang
Following the EEP Assessment carried out at the Cerebral Palsy Spastic Children’s Association of Penang conducted by Bakti-Minds, only 6 staff could attend the training due to limited places.On 28 & 29 November 2013, the assessment conducted at the SCAP and all 32 staff could attend and understood the assessment, in order to incorporate it to our syllabus. Through the contact of Bakti Mind, the association approach Pusat Giat Mara Bukit Gelugor Branch to conduct a 2 Day training for the staff and students. The training also been extended to other NGO’s. The participant learnt how to bake cupcakes and put an icing onto it, bake buns and doughnuts with various fillings
2. Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled Selangor and Federal Territory
29.01.2013 Pan Malaysia Pools “Da Ma Cai Chinese New Year Charity Programme 2013”PPOC Vice President Cik Norminshah Sabirin attended the function where PPOC received a donation of RM10,000.00
05.02.2013 Free Health Screening by Pfizer MalaysiaPn. Lee Lip Fong and Janet Seah visited PPOC to conduct free health screening checks for our residents and staff. Issues of cholesterol and weight management were highlighted.
13.02.2013 “PJ City Food Bank”, Dry Provisions Donated by Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MBPJ)Pn. Nur Farrahin led her team to deliver dry goods courtesy of the PJ City Food Bank sponsored by the PJ Municipal Council. Items donated to PPOC included biscuits, noodles, canned sardines and soft drinks among others.
25.02.2013 Job Coach TrainingThe administrator attended the Job Coah training program, organized by JKM – JICA between 25 Feb. 2012 and 01 Mar. 2013.It is hope more PPOC residents will be given job opportunities after this program
05.04.2013 Visit to PPOC by Students From UITM Shah Alam, Pengurusan Perkhidmatan Makanan (First Year)Four students from UITM Shah Alam visited PPOC to discuss how food preparation was managed by staff of PPOC for the residents
10.04.2013 Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Visit PPOC For Geran RangsumA visit by officers from the Welfare Department to inspect the accounts and operations of PPOC with regard to the application for renewal of Geran Rangsum for 2013
18.04.2013 Residents begin On The Job Training at Mydin Mohamed Holdings, Subang PermaiSeven residents were accepted for training for a period of one month at Mydin Hypermarket, Subang Permai branch. A monthly salary of RM 900.00 and an additional travel allowance of RM 100.00 will be paid to the residents during this period.
23.04.2013 Visit to The Chicken Rice ShopThe administrator visited The Chicken Rice Shop outlet located at The Curve, Kota Damansara as PPOC were invited to their employment project for Persons with Disabilities (PWD).
30.04.2013 Visit by SMK Seri Ampangan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan to
PPOCThe teachers and 30 thirty students visited PPOC as part of their corporate social responsibility and PWD awareness campaign
20.05.2013 Visit to PPOC by Smart LivingThe Vice president Cik Norminshah and the administrator welcomed Puan Normala and Encik Izuan Fadzli who visited PPOC as part of their corporate social responsibility program. The company offers wellness products to homes and offices. They donated an Oz Magic ozone water filter
27.05.2013 Visit to PPOC by Fire and Rescue Department, Jalan PenchalaPPOC invited fire and safety officer Encik Shamsuddin bin Mohd Salleh to provide initial guidelines for Rumah Insaniah Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah to prepare staff and residents for a fire and safety exercise which must be conducted once every three months and is a is a mandatory requirement by the Social Welfare Department.
06.06.2013 Visit by “Enhancing Management of Voluntary Social Welfare
Organisations” course participants of Institut Sosial MalaysiaPuan Umi Hani Awang, the director of Institut Sosial Malaysia led 36 Social Welfare Department officers from all over Malaysia who are participants of “Kursus Pemantapan Pengurusan Pertubuhan Sukarela Kebajikan”.
01.07.2013 Visit to PPOC by teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Petaling (1)Two teachers from the school, Pn. Nur Syakilawani binti Abd. Samad and Pn. Nur Syazana binti Bederi Sham, visited PPOC to explore the possibility of having their students visit our centre to perform community service in the future.
06.07.2013 The 39th Annual General Meeting of PPOCThe 39th Annual General Meeting was held at PPOC and was attended by 28 members. Nomination ballots from nine (9) members were received before the AGM.
15.07.2013 Interview of residents by McDonalds (M) Sdn. BhdPuan Israuha binti Mohamed and En. Oh Kian Ming, Profit Centre Recruiters of McDonalds (M) Sdn. Bhd. pre-screened 12 of our residents who may be considered for the two-day On The Job Evaluation programme, a pre-requisite for PWDs.
16.07.2013 Visit to PPOC by medical students of Universite Paris Descartes, FranceOur Honorary Secretary Cik Rose Ng and Assistant Honorary Secretary Puan Cindy Leong invited five third-year medical students who are on a visit to Malaysia to perform community service to visit PPOC. Pn. Amy Fong, our sheltered workshop supervisor was on hand to show the students how training of the disabled was performed. A short tour of the PPOC grounds was also conducted which allowed the students to appreciate the activities available for persons with disabilities
27.07.2013 Rotary Club of Pudu invites PPOC residents to a film at Pavilion, Kuala LumpurEn. Mok Sin a Rotarian of Rotary Club, Pudu branch invited nine of our residents to watch the film “The Wolverine” held at the cinema in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Our workshop supervisor Pn. Amy Fong and our En Jamili chaperoned our residents which enjoyed the film tremendously. Popcorn, light snacks and drinks were also provided to the residents.
29.07.2013 Iftar-Ramadhan Breakfast at PPOC hosted by PPOC President, YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Mahmood MericanAfter the PPOC Executive Committee meeting held on the day, our President and the Exco members were hosted our residents and staff to a delicious ‘buka puasa’ dinner and later ‘duit raya’ was also given to our residents and guests which included our archer En. Mohd. Zafi Rahman and his new wife.
30.07.2013 Iftar-Ramadhan Breakfast at PPOC hosted by YTL Communications Sdn BhdYTL Communications Sdn Bhd hosted a buka puasa dinner for our residents, some Exco members and staff at PPOC led by En. Amarjit Singh Karthar Singh, their Chief Regulatory Officer and Cik Flora Kong, the Assistant Corporate Communications & PR Manager and En. Sean Chua, a PR executive together with 10 other YTL staff enjoyed an origami session with our residents before breaking fast. Our Vice President, YBhg Datuk Norminshah Sabirin and Treasuruer, En. S. Jahendran together with other Exco members Cik Rose Ng, Pn. Cindy Leong, En. Thomas Raj and En. Johari Abu Bakar were also present to welcome our hosts and accompany our residents.
13.08.2013 Visit to PPOC by Bollywood Veggies Pte LtdOur Vice President YBhg. Datuk Norminshah hosted Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim and Mrs. Sue Taylor who travelled from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by train. They also brought along five dozen pieces of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for our residents to enjoy
23.08.2013 Visit to PPOC by SME BankEncik Husain Dawoed, Vice President/Head for Training and Consultancy, En. Aziz Samad and En. Sabri of SME Bank visited PPOC to discuss the way forward with the products and services to support PPOC and the constituents. Our Vice President YBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani, Treasurer En. S. Jahendarn and committee member En Thomas Raj were present in the discussions
28.08.2013 Spot check to PPOC by Penolong Pengarah Pejabat Kesihatan Persekitaran, Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah PetalingLed by En. Mohd Aliff Izhar bin Saffai, a team of 12 officers visited PPOC to inspect the general cleanliness and hygiene conditions of Rumah Insaniah Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. The standards are good and need to be maintained although improvements can be made in the hostel rooms
2.09.2013 Revisit to PPOC by Penolong Pengarah Pejabat Kesihatan Persekitaran, Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah PetalingLed by En. Ding Ming Hwang, the fire drill plans were created with PPOC to begin implementing as soon as possible. The official execution of the fire drill with the participation of the Fire and Emergency Services of Jalan Penchala is expected to take place 19 October 2013. A dry run would be carried out during the end of September 2013.
4.09.2013 Receipt of Geran Pentadbiran (Bengkel Terlindung) from JKMCik Rose Ng, Pn. Cindy Leong and the administrator attended a handing over ceremony of the various grants given to the various NGOs who have been shortlisted as recipients. Although the Geran Rangsum (Provisions Grant) was not continued to PPOC, an alternative grant amounting to approximately RM50,000.00 was allocated to PPOC
21.09.2013 Scomi movie outing with PPOC residentsSeventeen residents and staff were taken to see a movie by staff of Scomi Group. The movie “Malavita” was screened at TGV 1 Utama. Lunch was also provided at Burger King for our staff and residents, who enjoyed the outing tremendously
30.09.2013 The Chicken Rice Shop, The CurveAn interview for PWD employment was held on 13 September 2013 for the following residents: Muhamad Syawal bin Hasbullah, Phang Sow Mei, Jerard Dinesh Francis and Mohd. Fauzan bin Salleh. The following two residents were accepted for training; Muhamad Syawal bin Hasbullah and Mohd. Fauzan bin Salleh. Once training was completed and they were transferred to the relevant stores, the other two residents would begin their training. Good luck to Syawal and Fauzan
03.10.2013 Ayam Brand Community Care campaign 2013, PETROSAINS, KLCCYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani and Puan Amy Fong accompanied eight of our residents to participate in the campaign. A full a range of Ayam Brand products sufficient for daily consumption for a two-month period was delivered to PPOC on 30 September 2013.There were singing and dance performances by artistes and a mock presentation of Ayam Brand products by their chairman YM Tunku Dato’ Mu Tamir bin Tunku Tan Sri Mohamed was received by YBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani
05.10.2013 KFC World Hunger Relief, Dataram Kehakiman, PutrajayaYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani and Cik Kassiamal accompanied eight of our residents to participate in the campaign from the afternoon till late evening. DYMM Raja Zarith Sofia binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah was on hand to officiate the carnival and to present goody bags and meals to participants who attended
08.10.2013 Invitation for NGOs to meet the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development in PutrajayaYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani, Cik Rose Ng and Puan Cindy Leong represented PPOC at the morning meeting with YBhg. Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim where a discussion titled, “Social Enterprise”, took place. The Minister also hosted a lunch with the various representatives
12.10.2013 MAKPEM AGM, Ballroom Dewan Jubli Perak, Shah AlamThe administrator represented PPOC at the 20th Annual General Meeting which was officiated by YB. Puan Rodziah Ismail. Several issues were discussed and brought up by various NGOs through their representatives
24.10.2013 Seminar KeIbuBapaan Dalam Menangani Anak OKU at LPPKN at Jalan Raja LautYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani represented PPOC at this seminar hosted by the National Population and family Development Board. Issues discussed involved challenges faced by parents of growing children who are diagnosed as PWDs
26.10.2013 Quarterly Fire DrillIn line with the requirements of the Akta Pusat Jagaan 1993, our maiden fire drill was held for the first time at Rumah Insaniah Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with the assistance and guidance of the Ministry of Health. An aerobics session was held in the morning where residents and staff of PPOC together with staff from MOH participated together. The Director of Hygiene at MOH, Dr. Shahril bin Abdul Samah was hosted by YBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani where a brief multimedia presentation on health measures during an emergency was also held at the dining hall.
26.11.2013 Invitation to Seminar “Kemahiran KeIbubapaan Dalam Menangani Anak Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU)”, Dewan Auditorium CIAST,Shah AlamYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani, En Johari Abu Bakar, his wife Pn Ida Hasni binti Shaari and three parents of residents attended this seminar. The objective of this seminar is to increase the knowledge and skills of parents of the disabled from the aspect of general hygiene, welfare and the safety of parenting the disabled as they mature
27.11.2013 Bengkel Pembangunan Kapasiti Bengkel Terlindung Kendalian Pertubuhan Sukarela Kebajikan (PSK), Hotel   Sentral, Johor BharuYBhg. Datuk Norminshah attended this conference which involves capacity building and development for charity organizations which operate sheltered workshops in Malaysia hosted by JKM. The conference was held for three days, from 27th November 2013 till 29th November 2013 at Hotel Sentral Johor Bharu
02.12.2013 Visit by Klinik Pergigian Kelana Jaya, SelangorYBhg. Datuk Norminshah Sabirin received the doctors and nurses from Klinik Pergigian Kelana Jaya, Selangor who were on a visit to PPOC to promote dental hygiene. Oral inspection and treatment of our residents took place while a briefing was also held on the dangers of oral cancer. Follow up dental treatment will take place accordingly
03.12.2013 National Disabled Persons Day – Hari Sambutan OKU, Pusat Kebudayaan dan Keseniaan Sultan Salehuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Universiti Putra MalaysiaThe administrator, Pn. Amy and nine residents represented PPOC at the event which was officiated by YB Dato’ Sri Rohani Abdul Karim, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. There were stage shows and musical performances. An interview session for our residents was also held by employers from Mydin, AEON, KFC and PIZZA HUT respectively. Goody bags were also handed out to our residents
12.12.2013 Official launching PROJEK NUKILAN JIWAKU (ii), Balai Seni Maybank 1st Floor Foyer, Menara MaybankYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani attended this event that showcases art work by the disabled. The artwork was also sold to corporate donors who support independent living of the disabled.
12.12.2013 Visit to PPOC by students from Fakulti Sains Kesihatan UiTM,  Kampus Puncak AlamEight students conducted a brief survey with regards to occupational therapy in a rehabilitation center. YBhg. Datuk Norminshah was also on hand to provide input to the students.
Gong Xi DeepaRayaMas – Dewan SRJK (C) Yuk Chyun Jalan PJS 1,Batu 6 ½ Jalan Klang lama,Petaling JayaTwenty residents and three staff attended this annual event where there were performances and shows held for the disabled as well as goody bags distributed to our resi dents and staff
15.12.2013 1 Malaysia Muhibbah X’mas – Berjaya Times Square HotelTransportation was provided with the invitation and attended by 17 residents and five staff members to this event organized by Pertubuhan Amal BOG Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. There were performances, shows and games for guests to participate in. Goody bags were also handed out on this merry occasion.
21.12.2013 Carolling X’Mas Session at the PPOC lobbyYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani welcomed the X’Mas carolers of the Sunway Football Club led by Mr. Mark Scott and his family. Chocolates and sweets were also handed out to our residents who also participated in the musical caroling session
30.12.2013 Majlis Sambutan Hari Orang Kurang Upaya Seduna 2013 Peringkat Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya, Ibu Pejabat MBPJYBhg. Datin Siti Ruhani, Cik Kassiamal and six of our residents attended this event where there were shows and goody bags were distributed to our residents
3. Bethany Home
23-25th Mar; Bethany Home Severely Handicapped CampAttended by 37 PWD and assisted by 60 volunteers. Camping and outing at Sungkai Hot Spring followed by movie “CROODS” treat at the local BIG cinema.
13th Apr; Town Padang, Teluk Intan Bethany Annual Sport & S.O.P. Hilir PerakSpecial Olympics Sports for PDKs and OKU centres in Hilir Perak.
11th May;Bethany Home Bi-annual Food FairA bi-annual fundraising event held to raise funds and get the community to integrate with the PWD
May 2013 Training trip to ChinaParticipated by Director and Deputy Director. Objective was to assist and train teachers in China handling children with disabilities.
25-26th July; Taiping Cutie-cutie CampAttended by 33 PWD and assisted by 34 Volunteers. Camping and visit to the Taiping Zoo for the PWD
1st Sept; Sungai Besar Fundraising Charity Concert No.1To raise funds for the Home’s New Land “Dream” fund. The special children presented dances and songs
21st Oct; Bethany Hall Thanksgiving & 47th Anniversary CelebrationBethany Home’s Anniversary celebration. Attended by Bethany members and community, friends and parents.
26-30th Oct.; Kuala Lumpur Asia Youth Paragame 2013Mr. Yogendran from Bethany won a silver medal for the single event.
16-19th Nov; Outward Bound School Lumut HandicampAttended by 57 PWD, assisted by 57 volunteers’ and15 facilitators. All campers well received the physical endurance exposure.
8th Nov; Dewan SJK San Min, Teluk Intan Fundraising Charity Concert No. 2To raise funds for the Home’s New Land “Dream” fund. The special children presented dances and songs.
28 Nov – 9 Dec.; Australia Special Olympics Australia4 young adult represented Malaysia from Bethany. They won 5 silver medals, 2 bronze, 1 ribbon.
17-23rd Dec Christmas CarolingThe special children went round invited homes to sing carols. They collected freewill offerings. The community was made aware of people who are disabled.
December 2013; IOI Mall, K. Lumpur Christmas Charity Fund Raising Project by Puchong AssemblyTo inform community of their community’s social responsibility through Fund Raising.