Year 2011

The programmes carried out through year 2011 are as follows :-

1. 2011 National Abilympics Competition

The 2011 National Abilympics Competition were organised to select the qualified representative to represent Malaysia to the 8th International Abilympics competition. The competition for 5 skills have been held in 2010, while the other 4 following skills have been in 2011 :-






Photography – Outdoor

9 Januari 2011

1. Ho Choon Seong
2. Nethaneal Siegfried Enson
3. Andy Michael Chung



29 Januari 2011

1. Ismail bin Rakib
2. Mohamad Mohayadin bin Mia Abdullah
3. Tan Seng Kit


Floral arrangement

5 Mac 2011

1. Ho Foong Choang
2. Mohd. Yunus bin Mohd. Ismail
3. Tan Ruey Jiuan


Silk painting

16 April 2011

1. Lim Anuar
2. Mohd. Mohayadin bin Mia Abdullah
3. Fakhrul Zaman Mat Zin

2. 8th International Abilympics

The 8th International Abilympics (8th IA) were held in Seoul, Republic of Korea from 25th from 30th September 2011.

The organiser for 8th IA is ‘8th International Abilympics Seoul 2011 Organising Committee’ with joint auspices of Ministry of Employment & Labour, Seoul Metropolitan Governement, International Abilympics Federation and Rehabilitation International, through the coordination by Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled (KEAD).

The slogan is ‘Unlimited Challenge to the World’.

487 contestants participated in the 40 skills categories contest which was divided into the following 4 groups :-

i. Vocational skills : 29 skills
ii. Vocational skills – Basic course : 4 skills
iii. Leisure & Living Skills : 7 skills
iv. Demonstration : 1 skill (was introduced for the first time
in the IA competition)

In addition to the skills contests, the exhibitions, outdoor activities, performances and international symposium were held, with the aims to raise public awareness on the vast potentials of PWDs.


The 27th IAF EXCO Meeting, Seoul Declaration for Vocational Competency Development of the Persons with Disabilities meeting and 9th IAF Assembly also was held during the 8th IA.

MCR, as a member of IAF, is a country coordinator in selecting qualified contestants to represent Malaysia to participate in the 8th IA competition. The contestants were selected through 2011 National Abilympics Competition held in the years 2010 and 2011.Datin Paduka Khatijah, as IAF EXCO member for terms2007 – 2011, automatically appointed to be a Jury of Appeal for the 8th IA.


Mr. Lim Anuar won the gold medal, while Mr. Ismail bin Rakib and Ms. Sumitha a/p Ramasamy received a Special Award in their respective skill cateogories.

3. Children Drawing Competition

The competition had been held jointly with the 2011 National Abilympics Competition – Painting Categories; from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia provided the material support for this competition.

This event is also part of MCR activities to increase awareness and support for the rehabilitation programmes for the disabled, especially for disabled children. It is noted that both competitions are the first event for the National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia involving the disabled group, especially children in Malaysia.

49 children’s with learning disabilities from 3 disabled children NGOs and 7 community based rehabilitation centres participated in this competition.

4. Water Color Painting Workshop

The workshop was held on 16th and 17th July 2011, from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. in collaboration with the National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia; with the objective to raise the PWD interest in the water colour painting while in the meantime to expose the participants on various water colour painting techniques.


The workshop was also a continuity of collaboration between MCR and National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia in developing and supporting the VSA and Abilympics programmes of MCR, including providing enhancement training for the winner of Fourth National Abilympics Competition – Painting Category (Mr. Ismail bin Rakib) as a contest preparation for the 8th IA.

5. Creative Writing Programme

This programme introduces participants to the basics of writing creatively with the aims are to enable participants to express thoughts, feelings and emotions as conveying information. The creative writing expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative and unique way.


The criteria for participation were conversant in both written and spoken English and 18 years old and above.

It was held at Cultural Centre, University of Malaya; with 12 sessions x 2 hours each session (week basis) on every Saturday from 9.30 – 11.30 a.m., started on 18th June 2011.

Certificates were given upon completion of the programme.

6. Legal Aspects in Writing Seminar

Through the Creative Writing Programme, there is an awareness to educate the PWD about the legal aspects of writing as they have to submit their weekly assignment to the programme coordinator. Legally, their assignment/work is their copyright and these works should be protected irrespective of the quality and the purpose of creation; accordingly to Malaysia’ Copyright Act 1987 (Act 332).

Based on this feedback, the MCR felt the need to educate the participants on legal and ethical issues for writers as it is as important as learning about writing styles.

The seminar was held on 3rd December 2011; and the speaker was Nordin Mohamed, a Chief Editor of Sinar Harian newspaper and an advisor to the Alaf 21 Sdn. Bhd, a leading prominent novel publishing company in Malaysia. He is also a novelist himself.

22 participants, including the creative writing workshop participants, the parents and a member from various non-governmental organisations (NGO), attended the seminar. The Creative Writing Programme participation certificate giving ceremony was held after the seminar.

7. Persons with Disabilities Rights’ Awareness Roadshow

The objective of the roadshow is to raise the awareness of community on the rights of PWDs based on Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities Act 2008. The roadshows is organised via zones. The North Zone roadshow (held in Penang) was held on 25th June 2011; and will be followed by the South Zone (held in Johor) on 10th December 2011.


The topics presented is :-

i. Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 (Act 685) and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
ii. Accessibility and Universal Design
iii. Transportation
iv. Quality Life Care
v. Education
vi. Employment

8. 2011 Nation Disabled Group Dance and Singing Contest

The contest was held on 26th November 2011, at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Selangor; in collaboration with the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled; and the contest being part of the Conference and Exhibition on Accessible Tourism which was an event organised by Beautiful Gate on the day.

This synergy partnership was aimed to pull more crowds from the conference participants; and to be a cost-effective programme due to financial constraint. The Beautiful Gate provided a venue, publicity, judges and also managed a stage preparation while MCR looked after on contest technical aspect, participants and prizes.

Based on last year competition review, it was decided that the dancing contest be organised into two categories; i.e. the physical disabled group and the learning disability group. However, as the number of participation was less than last year competition due to the regulation that those professional dancers not allowed to participate; both categories were merged together.